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Welcome to Blamdom Hosting

Why Us?


What Is Blamdom?

Blamdom is a server hosting company for all your needs. We offer services to host and run game servers for you and your friends to play on with competitive pricing.

What makes Blamdom different than the others?

  • Enterprise Servers
  • 24/7 Staff team
  • Gigabit connection
  • Instant servers start up
  • Custom Panel
  • Friendly Customer Support

How much are the plans and how do I set up an account?

Below is a list of plans that we currently support for you to chose from. Each plan has high performing CPUs and RAM to ensure a smooth experience. To start today, we’re using discord authentication for a more secure way to connect without creating an account.

Start Playing Today

Our Minecraft Java Edition servers deploy instantly after purchase.

Sponege Alpha Testing Server
Villager Quick & cheap server for a few of your friends.
Zombie A server for your whole Discord group.
Wolf Powerful enough server for your entire family.
Creeper Long term SMP anyone?